Never look back.


Question:” What would your favourite power be?”
James:”I’d be called Cupid […] and I’d be able to […] spread arousal to all around me.”
Michael:”And can I just say you’ve been mentioning this for about a week now and about two days after you started saying that I started to get really horny.”
James:”You did, actually.”

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The Fault In Our Sombreros.

Nacho average love story.

it’s spelled olé not olay you illiterate fuck this ain’t the fault in our lotions

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“But mostly, I feel, compared with Cumberbatch, like someone going through existence with the contrast dial turned down. To him, it seems, everything is neon bright. The barbs may sting more sharply, but his sun must shine that much brighter.” - Stuart McGurk, British GQ (x)

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